Arnold Schwarzenegger gushes over Katherine, Chris Pratt’s baby: I’m really looking forward

Arnold Schwarzenegger has come forth sharing his thoughts on daughter Katherine’s first pregnancy with Chris Pratt.

Reacting to the baby news during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the Terminator star said, “Can you believe that. That is really exciting news that Katherine now is pregnant and having a baby.”

“I don’t know when exactly. Sometime this summer. Inevitably, I’m really looking forward to playing around with whatever it is, she or he, and hav[ing] some fun,” he added.

The actor also said that the child is sure to have lots of talent, because he will have a strong gene pool.

“I think this is kind of a unique experience … just thinking about the gene pool. Think about this for a second…You can do Kennedy, Schwarzenegger and Pratt,” he said.

“We can do anything. We can go and solve the Cuban Missile Crisis, we can go and kill predators with our bare hands and we go and train dinosaurs,” he joked.

Pratt and Schwarzenegger tied the knot to each other in June 2019 and are looking forward to the arrival of their little one.

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