Battle against coronavirus will be long and hard fought, PM warns

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the battle against coronavirus is a long one. He also said that the deadly virus does not discriminate and everyone is in its crosshairs, the public should not believe falsehoods on social media.

Addressing a ceremony of the Prime Minister’s coronavirus relief fund in the Governor’s House. Imran Khan thanked Governor Punjab Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar and the donors who contributed in the relief fund.

He said that difficult times fall on all nations but the situation in Pakistan was already very bad. Therefore, this is a test of the nation. He highlighted the importance of remaining patient in these testing times.

Imran Khan said Pakistan’s foundation was of an Islamic welfare state. But unfortunately, it has veered too far away from this ideology. He said that the state of Madinah was supposed to be a model for the whole world. But unfortunately, people have resorted to using Islam to gather votes.

The Prime Minister said that the economically prosperous countries are also facing difficulties; the US provided a relief package of over $2 billion, yet it was still struggling against the virus. He said that there is a big difference between the economic conditions of rich countries. Pakistan yet we still presented an $ 8 billion package with more still to come.

He added that it is a challenge to take care of the underprivileged class affected by the lockdown as over 10 million people have been affected. Therefore, the government has opened up the construction sector for operation. He said that opening of the construction industry will provide employment to the people.

The Prime Minister said that they are examining the situation of the virus on a daily basis and during the lockdown, Corona Relief Tiger Force with 6 million volunteers will assist the administration.

Imran Khan also rubbished claims doing the rounds on social media, saying the virus will not affect Pakistanis. He said that virus outbreaks do not discriminate against anyone, they are equally deadly, therefore such falsehoods should not be believed.

The Prime Minister also announced that a facebook page is being launched and that the government has comprehensive database of deserving people, among whom cash relief will be distributed with no discrimination based on political affiliation. He said that the virus is a challenge for MNAs and MPAs, which they should take on to servetheir constituencies.

Addressing a ceremony of the volunteers, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that those who are in politics only to mint money are incapable of doing social or welfare work. He said that his political opponents could do nothing but criticize his government’s efforts.

The Prime Minister urged his party’s parliamentarians to stand with the people of their constituencies in the coming days. Defeating the coronavirus will require them to show consistent struggle, but that is the only way to serve the people.

Earlier, the PM paid a visit to the Expo Center Field Hospital where he also inspected the treatment facilities for coronavirus affected patients.

During the visit, Prime Minister Imran Khan inspected various sections of the field hospital. The Prime Minister also visited diagnostic counters, rescue, command and control room, ambulance and other facilities.

During the visit, Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar briefed Prime Minister Imran Khan that the hospital carries all necessary facilities and highlighted the joint efforts of Health Department. District Administration, Rescue 1122 and other departments.

During the visit, PM Imran Khan said that the Punjab government has established the 1000-bed expo center hospital in record time. Soon enough, the country will be able to overcome the coronavirus.

Earlier, when Prime Minister Imran Khan arrived in Lahore. He was accompanied by Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry. Federal Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood, Special Assistants to the PM Dr Sania Nishtar, Shahzad Akbar and Usman Dar.

Earlier, in a tweet, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the government had previously kept the agricultural sector open to prevent devastating effects of a lockdown on the underprivileged, and now the construction sector is also being opened.

Prime Minister Imran Khan wrote that because of the coronavirus, the government had to close educational institutions. Malls, wedding halls, restaurants and public gatherings in the country.

He said that due to the high poverty rate in the region, the government has to strike a balance between prevention of the virus. As well as prevention of more poverty and hunger.

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