Beggar mafia active in Karachi amidst coronavirus lockdown

As the coronavirus lockdown continues in Karachi, the beggar mafia is active in the metropolis making it difficult for the needy to receive help from those who donate.

Dunya News has learnt that thousands of fake beggars are present on the roads of Karachi and sell ration on shops which they get from citizens and welfare organizations.

A shopkeeper also recorded a video of such beggars who are asking for cash and other luxury items in return for flour, pulses, sugar and rice.

On the other hand, Punjab IG Shoaib Dastgir has ordered to launch a crackdown against the beggar mafia across the province.

Shoaib Dastgir directed to take strict action against those who force minors to beg. Such mafia does not deserve any kind of relaxation, the Punjab IG stressed. 

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