Beware of WhatsApp Hackers

WhatsApp hacking is commonly increasing in Pakistan nowadays.

Hacking itself is a crime but it is done by the people involved in different criminal activities like terrorism, robbery, cyber-crimes, cyber stalking and invasion of privacy.

Asif Iqbal

Assistant Director FIA cyber wing Asif Iqbal has told in an interview that they are receiving many complaints from citizens regarding WhatsApp hackers.

These hackers put random mobile numbers in WhatsApp and after configuring the mobile number, the code is sent on SIM of the actual users. These hackers then make calls on those numbers and ask the other person to tell them the code they’ve received by different fraudster strategies.

Sometimes they say that in emergency situation (like relative is in hospital) the person had to send money to his relative but they’ve mistakenly sent the money on your number through EasyPaisa, now they want the code you’ve just received on your phone so they can tell it to their relative to withdraw money. People start believing on such frauds and easily tell their codes in a good phrase.

They can either call you and represent themselves as they are calling you from PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) and want to inform you that your phone is not registered. You just have to tell them the code you’ve received so they can complete their process and would register your phone by PTA. People tell their codes in hurry, by worrying that their phone would be blocked if they’ll not tell the code to the other person.

They can also call you by saying they are calling you from any mobile network company’s customer care office. And by telling the people any tricky story they ask them to tell them the code.

Don’t tell anyone, any code you receive on your mobile number whether it is WhatsApp code, Facebook code or code of any other applications. By telling these pin codes, hackers have the access on your personal data, by which they can easily threat you and blackmail you for their advantage.

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Noor e Fatima

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