Conan Gray gushes over Taylor Swift

Conan Gray has opened up about his love for Taylor Swift and explained why she is his ‘Number One’. Chatting about his new album ‘Kid Krow’, the rising pop star Gray also opened up about his love for American singer.

“She’s my number one. She’s my number one above all,” Gray told the host. “She’s just my songwriting icon, and I’ll never understand how she does what she does. She’s just amazing. She just recently, literally four days ago, put my song, ‘Wish You Were Sober’ on her Instagram Story. I literally lost my mind. She DM’d me afterwards. She was so, so sweet. She told me that my album was perfect, which I was like, ‘Taylor, that’s all you need to say. I can die now.'”

Gushing over the American singer, the pop star said: “She never told me anything before. She never said anything to me. It just happened,” he said. “I logged into my phone, and it was just everywhere. I was freaked. I hadn’t reached out to her at all. She just popped in and just said, ‘Hi,’ and told me that my album was great. I weirdly, I wrote a paragraph so f–king fast. I wrote it so fast because there’s so many things that I’d wanted to say to Taylor Swift my whole entire life. She raised me.”

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