Coronavirus: Amir Khan says sorry to British public for breaking social distancing rules

British-Pakistani boxer Amir Khan apologised to millions on Friday night after it emerged that he had hosted a party for five friends. The celebration by the athlete was in violation of the British government’s instructions aimed at preventing socialising.

The boxer had taken to Instagram to post pictures and videos from the party — held at his Bolton mansion for his friends. For his 1.3 million followers to see. Soon after, Khan took down the content but not before his followers spotted it and lashed out at him.

A few days ago, Khan had urged his followers to avoid gatherings and practice social distancing. As the United Kingdom reels from the novel coronavirus. Speaking to The DailyMail, Khan said that he was ashamed and very sorry for his actions.

“I should have been more understanding of this and that’s why I removed the video. People don’t want to see somebody like me living it up. While they’re suffering and don’t have any money or jobs,” he said.

Khan said that his family had not even seen his friends at the party and hence had no contact with them. The boxer said that he had hosted the 40th birthday party for his friend Toheed Tazmin. Whom he refers to as Dr Tee.

“The party was arranged six months ago for my good friend Dr Tee. I couldn’t cancel and disappoint my friends because I’m not that sort of person. I don’t like letting people down.

“I could have left them sitting in the car outside my house, but I didn’t want to do that.,” he said.

The boxer said that he and his friends maintained a two-meter distance with each other. Khan said that his out of his five friends, two even wore masks. However, he did apologise for his actions and said that the situation was serious.

“I understand how serious this coronavirus situation is and that we’ve all got to take precautions. This is what I’ve been saying to all my fans.

“Getting together with your pals to celebrate a birthday is clearly not the right thing to do. I’m sorry,” he said.

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