Coronavirus lockdown: Will humans finally learn to respect Mother Nature?

Nature operates uniquely. This system, which is billions of years old, is more advanced and technical than all scientific modernity but adheres to the simplest principles, which I will explain at the end.

Humans have achieved rapid growth over the last century. Not only are we at our peak in every sector, but we have also introduced several new knowledge lines. But during this journey of unparalleled advancement, we encountered arrogance of knowledge and started tampering with nature and that too, by using natural resources without limitations or hesitation.

We also raced ahead of each other, a race to collect meaningless things. The whole world was engulfed in a vicious cycle that no one was willing to break, think or stop. Even though nature continued to warn us time and again. But success and knowledge have their own arrogance which sometimes blurs thinking abilities. So we too became blind and deaf; running for superiority over nature. But how long could it be tolerated? And now that nature has replied, the whole world has come to a halt, by a tiny virus insignificant in size which can only be seen with an electronic microscope. We may name it a pandemic, foul play or whatever, but perhaps this is nature giving us another chance.

She’s probably telling us, “Take a pause, and think; what’s the rush? Who are you competing with? Yourself? Who will win in the end and at what cost?

Wait and think again; time is the most valuable thing, once it is gone, it will never return; why waste it on worthless things? Time should be spent to gain happiness; but do you even know what makes you happy?

You must progress but maintain the balance. If you run unsteadily, you will lose balance and fall.

Nature is still kind on us, but its message is clear, “I forgive you, I give you another opportunity and have made your job even easier. Now breathe the clean air, enjoy the clean waters, watch the clear skies but don’t pollute it again. What you have lost is also mine because you are my own being. But I have to balance all my parts.

If you rebel, then know, the final call will be mine. I have a simple rule, DON’T MESS WITH ME.”

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