Coronavirus to peak late July in Pakistan, warns PM Imran

Prime Minister Imran Khan has appealed to the public to follow the SOPs related to coronavirus. He warned that a very difficult will befall the country if the public does not take the virus seriously.

Informing the nation about the situation related to coronavirus, the Prime Minister said that people are not taking coronavirus seriously and are comparing it to the common flu. They are not following SOPs which is making the situation very difficult for the government to deal with. He urged people to wear masks as they are proven to help prevent the virus by over 50%.

Imran Khan said that efforts are being made to keep the virus under control so that there is minimal pressure on the medical system. The whole world has ended their lockdowns because of the negative effects on the economy. He said that the daily working class has been most affected by the lockdowns, and there is widespread hunger in people’s homes.

He said that lockdown does not mean that the virus will be eradicated, it is meant to reduce the spread of the virus. No country can tolerate lockdown for an extended period of time because the economy has to run, the United States has also ended its lockdown, even though they have had more than 100,000 deaths.

Imran Khan said that the government was trying to get more than a thousand beds with oxygen to hospitals all over Pakistan.

The Prime Minister said that the nation must be careful, if not, Pakistan could face a fate similar to Europe and other countries. He said that more than 2000 people have been killed in one day in the United States, while 2000 people died in three months in Pakistan.

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