Eighteen countries are still free of coronavirus: report

Although 204 countries and independent territories have been affected by novel coronavirus worldwide but there are still eighteen countries which have not reported a single case of the pandemic.

Yemen, North Korea, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan are among the eighteen countries which have not been affected by the coronavirus epidemic.

It has been learnt that coronavirus tests have not been conducted in Yemen. A country of 30 million – due to civil war.

North Korea – where over 25 million people reside – has not verified any positive case either despite sharing borders with South Korea. China and Japan who are all affected.

The Turkmenistan government has banned its people from speaking or writing the word, coronavirus. It has announced that those will be handed over strict punishments. Who are found discussing the pandemic and those who wear mask will have to go to jail.

According to media reports, 32 regions and ten areas are also free of the global epidemic apart from eighteen countries.

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