Ellen DeGeneres nettles Twitter after comparing her quarantine period to jail

Ellen DeGeneres may have held the title of being one of the most sought-after television personalities, but in the wake of her recent controversies, she might have to soon kiss it goodbye. 

The chat show host became target of internet censure yet again over a controversial joke where she compared the current quarantine period to a jail term.

In her latest episode of The Ellen Show, currently getting filmed from the confines of her house, the comedian welcomed dancer Stephan Boss as the guest where he shared his dance routine with the viewers.

During the course of the episode, Ellen saw her bid to lighten things up with her humour, backfire badly.

“This is like being in jail, is what it is. It’s mostly because I’ve been wearing the same clothes for ten days and everyone in here is gay. The jokes that I have,” she said.

The comment did not sit well with Twitter users who were quick to remind Ellen of her privilege and slam her over the ‘tone-deaf’ comment.

Users pointed out how the current conditions of detention centers are extremely perilous with many lockups in the United States seeing a spike in coronavirus cases within the confinements.

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