Generating new sources of income critical, along with economic relief

Federal Minister Asad Omar has said that the United States and European countries do not face the same economic challenges as Pakistan; we have to implement lockdown and keep a check on unemployment as well. In addition, it is necessary to generate new sources of income along with giving economic relief packages.

In an exclusive interview with Dunya News program “Dunya Kamran Khan kay Saath”, he said that the sector that employs the most people in cities is the construction sector. For which Prime Minister announced a special package today. He said that safety protocols are also being developed along with the special construction package as they want to protect the health of the workers as well as their employment.

Federal Minister Asad Omar said that in the current climate, there has been a radical change in monetary policies worldwide. He said that the Prime Minister spoke to the IMF Managing Director regarding the construction package. Recommendations were taken from participants of the National Coordination Committee meeting as well.

Asad Omar said that the PM took all provinces into complete confidence in regards to the construction package. The provinces will have the authority to create a system of industries and labor for construction. All provinces fully support the construction package, but its implementation will vary slightly.

He said that most of the workforce on the various China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects is present on-site. Therefore, CPEC projects will also be reopened with enforcement of safety protocols.

Answering a question, Asad Omar said that food, health, exports and energy related industries are already allowed to operate. However, rice and cement industries have been opened to allow export orders.

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