Harry and Meghan Markle ‘moved’ by Queen Elizabeth’s historic address

Queen Elizabeth II’s special televised address over the coronavirus pandemic had kept all eyes of the panic-stricken, anxious public, glued to the screens in the United Kingdom.

And across the pond all the way in Los Angeles, newly-exited members of the royal family, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle too had keenly listened to Her Majesty’s broadcast and were said to be completely “moved” by her speech.

A source revealed to Bazaar.com that the sovereign’s words had left the Sussex pair “moved” as they described the national address as “not just a demonstration of experienced leadership, but also warmth, reassurance and comfort.”

In her rare televised address to the nation on Sunday, Queen Elizabeth told the British people that they would overcome the coronavirus outbreak if they stayed resolute in the face of lockdown and self-isolation.

The Queen invoked the spirit of World War II in an extremely rare broadcast to the nation which became her fifth televised address in her 68-year reign.

Queen Elizabeth called upon Britons to show the resolve of their forbears and demonstrate they were as strong as generations of the past.

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