Kate Middleton ‘relaxes’ after Meghan’s exit as ‘constant contesting’ comes to an end

Ever since Meghan Markle was married into the British royal family, the press has been pitting her against Kate Middleton on a number of occasions.

However, with the Duchess of Sussex no longer being part of the picture, Kate seems to be releasing some pressure off of her shoulders as well, not just in terms of her responsibilities, but also through her style.

A source close to the royal family spilled the beans about how the Duchess of Cambridge is now resorting towards much simpler dressing now that she no longer has Meghan to compete with.

“Someone who knows Kate well said ‘the atmosphere since the Sussexes left has noticeably improved,” the grapevine revealed to The Sun.

“Kate does not feel she has to compete now. She has gone back to a much simpler style. Kate feels very much more relaxed now,” the insider added.

It appears the duchess may have gotten under the pressure that came from her and Meghan perpetually getting pitted against one another.

“She most definitely went through a phase two years ago where she seemed slightly intimidated by Meghan. She was afraid of comparisons being drawn between them and that Meghan was the one who looked glamorous and popular for a while.”

Furthermore, Kate’s makeup artist too is being directed to use “less eye make up, paler lips colors and more high street nail polishes in less obvious shades. She wears far less make up and looks happy, relaxed and sporting high street clothes.”

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