Lady Gaga’s awkward interview with Jimmy Fallon goes viral: Find out

Lady Gaga was supposed to make a major announcement on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show (which he conducts via FaceTime) related to the ongoing coronavirus crisis all over the world.

However, the show turned into an awkward drama when things did not go as planned.

According to HollywoodLife, when Jimmy dialled Lady Gaga, he said, “Hi! Lady Gaga!” In a very awkward tone, the singer responded to him, “Hi everyone”. Jimmy asked her, “You have a big, maybe announcement you’re going to say tonight on our show?”

Gaga then responded eerily, “I can’t Jimmy. I, uh, can’t talk right now. I’m sorry. It’s just a really, really weird time.”

The host then turned his face away from the camera, to which Gaga said, “Hello? Jimmy, I can’t see you. Am I on TV?” Jimmy apologized to her and said, “Yeah, you’re on TV. I apologize.”

Jimmy again asked her, “There’s something very big you’re working on that’s going to help people right now.”

The actress again gave a shocking answer. She said, “I cant..I can’t tell you everything right now because I’m still ironing out the details and I have a lot of phone calls to make. I can do Friday.”

It was later revealed that Gaga told Jimmy that the announcement was about COVID-19.

She also apologized for not giving him time to talk on his show.

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