Logan Paul bashing Shane Dawson takes YouTube by storm

With recent YouTuber scandals blaring traditional media outlets, one of the most heavily criticized YouTube vloggers, Logan Paul has come out with his thoughts surrounding the backlash geared towards Shane Dawson.

In a podcast episode titled Impaulsive, Logan claimed that with his lackluster past, on YouTube still fresh in the eyes of many, he has become ‘semi-invested’ in the recent stories of stars getting canceled and their re-emergence into the limelight after the fact.

During the podcast, he was quoted saying, “Coming from a dude who was canceled in a big way, probably one of the biggest ways ever, I am semi-invested into these stories about X, Y, Z getting canceled.”

“Because I’m curious what the cancel culture looks like, how people will bounce back, what they’re being canceled for, if it’s warranted, etc. I have my own opinions.”

For the unversed, Logan Paul came under immense scrutiny, after he filmed a dead body hanging in a forest, in Japan. The forest in question has known for being a place where many people come and take their own lives.

Keeping in mind his own past actions, Logan began by stating that he personally believes that Shane’s scandal is far worse than what he had done in Japan.

“Although Shane was younger when he did these things, he’s an adult now and there’s less room to grow. I don’t know if people are as willing to listen to his change because they see what they see now and it’s hard to separate that.”

Although he believes people can change, he is unsure about how Shane Dawson will get out of his issue. Loga claimed, “This one is bad. I don’t know how much coming back there is from this” but “It’ll be interesting to see what Shane Dawson does next.”

Before concluding he claimed that although it feels like the end of the world is near when you are the one being canceled, it does improve in the long run in most cases. “When you’re getting canceled, and the weight of the world is on your shoulders, and everyone’s spitting on you and saying hurtful s— … he’s going through it right now” and “in a major way.”

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