Matt LeBlanc on what to expect from the upcoming ‘Friends’ reunion

The timeless sitcom from the nineties, Friends, has without a doubt ruled over small screens over the course of more than a decade and continues to be just as loved as it was when it first aired. 

And during the course of that period, the star cast of the show irrefutably swept over the globe and took a hold of quite a lot of hearts with crazed fans and reporters observing their every move.

Recalling a similar incident was Matt LeBlanc who plays Joey on the series, during his appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

The 52-year-old revealed how he was completely ripped off his privacy while show was still being aired.

“I remember one time, it was during the week, I had been flipping channels and watching the news and for some reason, they had a split-screen on the TV, six quadrants,” he said.

“Each was a live shot of each one of our houses, like a helicopter shot. I was watching it and there was no information or news, it was just showing houses,” he continued.

However, taking the entire occurrence in a light-hearted manner, LeBlanc went on to say: “I remember looking closely at my house and thinking [expletive] I need a new roof. So the helicopter flies away and I get the ladder and I go up there.”

Further opening up about the show and how its popularity has only been soaring ever since, he said: “It felt really huge, but the way things are now with social media and streaming, the ability to binge-watch something.”

“It’s funny because we’re all so much older now. You look on TV and you think ‘Look you’re so young!’ And you come back and you’re like ‘Jesus,’ ” he added.

Shedding light on the much-anticipated reunion of the sitcom that is in the works, LeBlanc let the cat out of the bag and revealed the nitty gritty details as well.

“It’s not a scripted thing, it’s not like an episode. It’s more of the six of us together talking about the good old days. Like we got the band back together without the instruments.”

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