Miley Cyrus still loves Liam Hemsworth?

Now, seven months have gone, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are legally single and very happily in new relationships

They had separated after less than a year of marriage. And both the stars are enjoying new relationships. Cyrus with 22-year-old Australian singer Cody Simpson and Hemsworth with 21-year-old Australian model Gabriella Brooks.

A media outlet got a little update on how Hemsworth and Cyrus are both doing and how Cyrus feels about Hemsworth now. Months after their split drama dominated headlines.

The outlet claimed that Cyrus “just wants Liam to be happy.” The singer understood that she and Hemsworth want different things. Which is why their relationship ended. “She knows how important love and marriage are for him, but she just needed her independence,” the source explained. “Miley and Liam have moved on and it seems they’re both where they most want to be in life.”

“This last six months, honestly, for keeping my head level and just staying balanced. I’d say exercise has been big for me,” he told the publication.

Hemsworth had a lot of love for his ex but also accepted that they want different things out of life. “Liam loved Miley so much but in the back of his mind, he always knew a life with her would prove difficult because she never seemed ready to settle down.”

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