Peshawar’s Duranpur quarantine center now ‘clear’, 152 pilgrims sent home

The 152 pilgrims present in Peshawar’s Duranpur quarantine center have left for home after their coronavirus tests came back negative. The provincial Health Minister saw them off and gave presents as well.

In a positive development, 152 pilgrims under quarantine in Peshawar’s Duranpur quarantine center were allowed to go home after they tested negative for the virus.

After spending fourteen days in quarantine, the pilgrims were happy and relieved to have tested negative for the virus. They said that they did not face any administrative issue during their time in quarantine.

Provincial Health Minister Taimur Khan Jhagra presented the visitors with gifts. He said that this was the result of teamwork and everyone has a duty to take care of the people affected of the outbreak.

It may be noted that as of Monday, 69 people affected by the coronavirus in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa had recovered while more than 12 people tested negative. After Hayatabad, the Duranpur quarantine center in Peshawar has also been declared ‘cleared’ and more good news is expected in the future.

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