PM orders activation of Corona Tiger Force at provincial level

Special Assistant to the Prime Minster on Youth Affairs Usman Dar updated the Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday and updated him on volunteers so far joined Corona Relief Tiger Force for relief activities during the lockdown.

Prime Minister Imran Khan directed for immediate activation of the Corona Tiger Force at provincial level as around 739,000 youngsters have registered themselves to join the volunteers’ body for relief works during the lockdown.

Usman Dar consulted with PM Imran on the operational matters of the force. The Prime Minister expressed satisfaction over the report, a PM Office press release said.

On the prime minister’s directive, the live update of the Tiger Force has also been made public and linked with the government’s official portal of Covid-19.

Usman Dar told the prime minister that majority of those, who had registered for the volunteers’ force, were of students and social workers, besides doctors, political workers, engineers, teachers, lawyers, journalists, retired armed forces officers and people from the corporate sector.

Among the total registered people, 494,000 hailed from Punjab, 111,000 from Sindh, 102,000 from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 10,000 from Islamabad, 9,000 from Balochistan and 8,000 from Azad Kashmir.

The prime minister lauded the passion shown by the youth and said he was hopeful of such a national spirit by them in the difficult time.

He said the youth would soon be activated at the provincial and district levels, and directed his special assistant to keep him updated on the statistics of the force

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