Punjab govt plays wisely during testing-time: Yasmin Rashid

Punjab Health Minister Dr.Yasmin Rashid said on Sunday that Pakistan would not go through the drastic chaos like European countries faced as the government has tackled pandemic wisely.

She stated hopefully that in Punjab numbers of critical corona patients were not higher as the maximum corona patients carried mild symptoms of novel virus.

Despite the less numbers of critical patients people must follow the safety measures. As 11 people were died due to corona but mostly were more than 55 of ag. Or already suffering from chronicle diseases.

”We have fully locked down the suspected areas to contain the disease. No movement was allowed in Jehlum and Pindi Gheb,”she said.

Mostly patients were those who attended large congregations or had travelled history. Yet many people received the contagion from the acquaintances who returned from abroad,she mentioned.

Replying to a question, she said through locking down the suspected areas the country hopefully would defeat the viral disease.

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