Saba Qamar reveals she bore the brunt of an abusive relationship for eight years in viral video

Saba Qamar is riling up the internet after revealing she went through extreme trauma while dealing with an abusive relationship for eight years in the past. 

It was only recently that the Hindi Medium starlet laid foundations of her YouTube channel, in an attempt to connect more with her fans from around the globe.

In a newly-released video, Qamar opened up about suffering from the scars of an extremely abusive and toxic relationship for eight long years, before finally parting ways with her then-beau.

What is more interesting is how Qamar takes all of this in her stride and presents it to the viewers in her quintessential quirky manner, during an engrossing monologue.

While responding to the programme host, the actress revealed, “I wasted eight years of my life with a man who used to lie, misbehave, and hit me on a regular basis, apologising everytime in the end.”

“I was heavily invested in the relationship and wanted a longterm commitment with him, thinking that he would mend his ways, which he did not.

“After spending eight years of his life with me, he betrayed me, and got married to a girl of his family, without even informing me,” she added.

Watch the viral clip here 

Qamar then went on to reveal how she picked herself up and mustered the courage to give another person a chance, who was from abroad.

However, unfortunately, that person could not withstand the test of time and Qamar’s second relationship failed as well, she added.

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