Taylor Swift stresses on ‘staying connected’ during these ‘unprecedented’ times

As a majority of the world’s population stays confined within their homes, many are coming to grasps with the true value of things they otherwise took for granted.

Vocal powerhouse Taylor Swift came forth stressing on the importance of connection during the self-isolation period spent indoors.

Giving her take on these catastrophic times, the Lover singer during a home interview with radio station SiriusXM revealed how important she thought it was to stay connected during this difficult period.

“I think it’s really important that we all stay connected because isolation doesn’t have to be an all-encompassing thing,” she said.

“We may be isolated, physically, but we can still keep in touch with people. We can still play games with our friends and family on our phones. That is one of the great things about modern technology,” she added.

“It’s safe to say we are living through unprecedented times right now. I am hoping that all of you are safe and healthy. A lot of my friends and I have been doing sort of a weekly family FaceTime, which is always hilarious,” she further said.

Earlier, the singer had taken over headlines after she paid for healthcare costs along with employee wages to keep a Nashville record store running amidst the global pandemic. 

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