Tribute to all Frontliners

At this time, when most of us are sitting in our homes safely. Only worried about our one or two month salaries and educational loss.There are many people linked with such occupations, who cannot step back from their duties, who cannot even ask for unpaid leave. They are bravely, courageously and responsibly performing their duties very well.

The real heroes. Only because of them, we are living in our homes fearlessly. They are the real heroes, as only because of them most of us are recovering from this serious pandemic virus. Many of them have lost their lives to save us.

Today Haal TV is paying tribute to all those people, who aren’t less than angels for all the public. The entire team of Haal TV is working from home.

As there is shortage of facemask all around Pakistan, doctors in Swabi are wearing plastic bags on face to protect themselves from this virus but not stepping back from their duties.

A young physician, Dr Osama Riaz, became the first Pakistani doctor who died of coronavirus which he had contracted while physically handling suspected COVID-19 patients returning to Gilgit-Baltistan from overseas and other parts of Pakistan.

Over 1,700 frontline medics infected with coronavirus in China.

Li Wenliang, has died from the virus he contracted from a patient.

Liu Zhiming, director of the Wuchang hospital in Wuhan. Liu was a neurosurgeon and the most senior health worker known to have died as a result of the coronavirus epidemic.

Dr. Mei Zhongming also lost his life from corona virus.

Dr. Zhu, sacrificed his own life during the treatment of COVID-19 affected patients.

Policemen in this lockdown, are doing their duties to protect the people.

Army Officers, they have helped the country in each and everytime. Many Army Officers are appointed for medical camps to deal with COVID-19 patients. Other are doing duties on roads for lockdown.

Rescues and Edhi, are giving their ambulance services and much more.

As they are distributing safety face mask, free of cost.

The unnamed persons who are giving their best without any salary are the volunteers, spreading awareness of this virus, raising funds for the poor families and COVID-19 patients.

Journalists, the people giving information and news of each and everything. So, the people in lockdown are aware of the current scenario sitting at home.

Charity Organizations who are giving rations to all those people who earned on daily wages.

Being united and responsible nation, now it’s our duty to help these frontliners and each other.

If you are not a doctor, nurse, policeman, rescue team member or cannot become a volunteer as well. But still want to help others in this pandemic just stay at home. By doing this you can help the other person and yourself to stay safe and keep others safe.

At this time, #Tribute_ to_ all_ Frontliners

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