Trump reaffirms COVID-19 support to Pakistan in White House briefing

President Donald Trump on Thursday reaffirmed US support to Pakistan in its efforts to combat Covid-19, including by providing ventilators as well as in the economic arena.

During the daily White House briefing earlier in the day, the president of United States, Donald Trump criticized the media for not reporting on the significant manufacturing of ventilators in the scheduled coronavirus briefing.

Trump said that United States was making hundreds of thousands of ventilators and helping all countries in need of the essential medical apparatus.

Mentioning Pakistan, the American president said: “They would like to have some ventilators. We’re going to give them some ventilators.”

In a telephonic yesterday, Prime Minister Imran Khan and President Trump discussed the coronavirus pandemic-related challenges, their implications on the global economy and the ways to mitigate the impact.

The US president appreciated the prime minister’s telephone call and expression of support for the US efforts to combat Covid-19. Having learned about testing of Prime Minister Imran Khan, President Trump offered to send the latest rapid testing machine for Covid-19 to the prime minister. The prime minister thanked President Trump for the gesture.

The two leaders also exchanged views on regional issues and further strengthening of Pakistan-US cooperation, a press release issued by the PM Media Office here said. Prime Minister Imran Khan conveyed sympathies and condolences on the loss of so many precious lives in the United States due to the coronavirus. He also highlighted Pakistan’s efforts to contain the spread of the virus.

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