Two factories in Karachi sealed for violating coronavirus lockdown: police

Two textile mills in the metropolis have been sealed by authorities for violating the coronavirus lockdown, police confirmed on Tuesday.

The senior superintendent of police for Malir, Syed Muhammad Ali Raza, said operations were carried out at two facilities owned by Yunus Textile Mills Limited and Alkaram Textile Mills Pvt. Ltd. Following the raid, the owners, as well as top administrative officers, were taken into custody, he added.

The operation was carried out under the leadership of Karachi Commissioner Iftikhar Ali Shallwani, who then ordered both factories shut down, Raza added. The mill owners and administrative officers were released after they submitted written assurances that they would not violate the lockdown orders in the future.

The police official added that Alkaram had violated the lockdown 10 days ago as well and an official case was filed against their administration. However, after obtaining bail, they had reopened their facility.

However, both factories were now to remain sealed as long as the lockdown continued, Raza underlined.

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