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“We want semester break”

“We want semester break”

Universities started online educational system, which is completely flop and fail. There is no one to ask from instructors, they’re not teaching properly instead they’re giving us bundles of assignments so that they don’t have to put an effort and we go through all syllabus on our own.

They’re going against university policies. If it asks for two assignments, we’re now asked to make four to five assignments. In group video calling, it’s all about fun, nobody listen quietly rather each student constantly mock and jeer.

About an hour passes in it and in other hour instructor take a pause for some house chore. In whatsapp group lectures, students just text their name to mark attendance and then switch off to other task. Instructors are sending video documentary links so they don’t have to put an effort for teaching through voice notes.

Many teachers are sending notes pictures just to study them by self. Ethical corruption is going on there by teachers and students have no other option than just to accept their say quietly to save grades. Then, not every student has access to internet on daily basis. Nor can they go out for daily credit recharge due to lockdown.

For some, internet packages subscription on daily basis is expensive. Many students are going through such family problems that they can’t go for online classes. Many students are in their hometowns and got stucked there due to lockdown, internet isn’t availabe there. what should they do ? It will all effect our grades. We know the situation but our study and cgpa is also important. Do understand our situation too.

We’re urged to do bundles of assignments, projects and quizzes to make syllabus complete on our own. It is requested to government do consider it as our semester break until reopening of universities. If you can’t than make proper systems and policies.

Make internet accessible in whole country, train teachers their duties first, train students ethics, recruit some mentor to look upon instructors actions too, make some platform where students can complaint extra burdening of studies upon them.

You would rather had look upon your country’s condition before initiating this massive step. Pandemic outbreak is already stressing for us. Fight against corona, don’t fight against student’s destitute and compulsion.

Please give us semester break.



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Written By:
Haleema Bibi
[email protected]

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