Wuhan bans consumption of wild animals as COVID-19 cases surge

China’s Wuhan — the epicentre of COVID-19 pandemic — on Wednesday banned the consumption of wildlife animals as the virus is believed to be passed from bats to people.

To mitigate the ban’s effect on the farmers who breed wildlife animals, the authorities in Wuhan are providing them with cash, CBS reported.

The city earlier imposed new orders on the breeding of wild animals and made it clear that none of them could be used as food.

Meanwhile, the city’s officials have assured that the local administration would buy wild animals and play its part to mitigate the effect.

According to the publication, neighbouring Jiangxi province also announced a strategy to support the farmers in disposing of animals and simultaneously provide them with financial aid.

“Their stock is worth about 1.6 billion yuan ($225 million),” CBS reported.

China has reported over 82,000 cases of coronavirus and more than 4,600 deaths, while the global death toll has surpassed 326,000 and the infections have crossed 4.9 million.

According to The Independent, in February, China suspended all trade and consumption of wildlife with a temporary law, but it did not specify if farm-raised ones would be covered. 

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